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We are aware that many patients with cancer have already received generic advice from the Chief Medical Officer regarding ‘shielding’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. The advice given below has been developed by UK thyroid cancer doctors and is tailored to specific thyroid cancer scenarios.

(i) Patients who have completed treatment for thyroid cancer

Patients who have previously received treatment for thyroid cancer such as surgery, with or without radioiodine (remnant ablation or radioiodine therapy), are not considered at higher risk of infection from COVID-19.

(ii) Patients in whom surgery for thyroid cancer is planned

Patients with significant symptoms and/or rapidly progressive disease should still be able to access surgery. For patients with cancers categorised as ‘low risk’ (where progression is considered to be slow), surgery may be delayed until a time when it is considered safer to proceed. Surgery may also be deferred for patients considered susceptible to severe COVID-19 infection or who may need intensive care monitoring after surgery. There will be variability in the provision of surgery across the UK due to the number of local COVID-19 patients and staff availability

(iii) Radioactive iodine therapy

Many centres ceased radioactive iodine treatment in the early days of the pandemic due to a combination of increased admissions and COVID-19 safety concerns.. In most cases, radioiodine therapy is not urgent and can be safely delayed. However, now that the acute pressures on the service are easing, centres are beginning to plan to restart this treatment. How soon it is possible to do this safely will depend on local circumstances. It is possible that patients will be advised to self-isolate and screened for COVID-19 prior to treatment to minimise the risk of becoming unwell following treatment. If you have concerns please discuss with your own hospital team.

(iv) TSH suppressive therapy

Patients on suppressive doses of thyroxine (i.e have a TSH target of <0.1mU/l) should continue on their current dose. Being on a suppressive dose of levothyroxine does not increase the risk of COVID-19 infection.

(v) Multikinase inhibitors and chemotherapy

Patients who are receiving multikinase inhibitors (such as Lenvatinib or Sorafenib) or chemotherapy are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus and should follow government advice regarding shielding-

They should expect to hear from their centre and to have a discussion about the advisability of continuing treatment at this time in their particular circumstances.

(vi) Previous radiotherapy

Patients who have previously received external beam radiotherapy to the neck may be at increased risk of severe illness with coronavirus and should also consider self-isolating.

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Helen, Brenda and Cy attended a refresher session on Monday 13th February with Peter Kong to learn more about maintaining our website.

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The new low iodine diet sheet aims to help patients who are to be treated with radioactive iodine.

This can be viewed on line or you can download a copy of the diet sheet from our “Media” section using the “Download - Brochures and Flyers” tab.

The diet sheet has advice, along with a number of meal suggestions, to assist with planning and preparing meals during the period leading up to treatment.

In order to help with future planning and support for patients there is also a questionnaire available for completion.

Again, this can either be downloaded as a hard copy and returned to the address at the bottom of the sheet or completed on line using the following link

https: //

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TCSGW will be hosting their annual Summer Party at the Spinney and Island View Grill and Cafe , Swanbridge on Friday, 15th of July 2016.
This year the event is being kindly sponsored by McDonalds Barry, Fordthorne Motor Park, Penarth Road Cardiff and The Deli , High Street , Barry.
We appreciate the kind support of these businesses whose generosity enables us to make such a difference.

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The final event of Awareness Month 2015 involved our participation at the South Wales Cancer Network Patient Conference at Margam. Once again this was a most enjoyable and successful day with TCSGW able to have a stand distributing materials to interested parties in attendance at this event.

We were also very fortunate to be invited to give an address to the participants and this was very well received by those present.

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The 35th British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons Scientific Meeting was held on the 8th and 9th of October 2015 at the Phyllis Court Club , Henley on Thames.

TCSGW were very fortunate to be invited to be present at this event and to share a stand with Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust. There was a great deal of interest shown in our work and our support for patients and their families at a challenging time following a thyroid cancer diagnosis.

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In November TCSGW were invited to attend a meeting sponsored by Eisai at the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London. It was an excellent meeting - very informative, featuring many and varied speakers.

Dr Moss gave an excellent address discussing the iNATT project, clinical trials and research updates. Again Dr Moss highlighted the fact that without the work of TCSGW this project would not be taking place.

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The end of November saw 6 representatives form TCSGW en route to Saundersfoot Harbour to present medals to the participants in Captain Cymru’s November Challenge.

The weather was absolutely atrocious but that did not dampen the spirits and generous support of Captain Cymru and his amazing fundraisers.
Captain Cymru (aka Matthew Evans) had organised the November Challenge which ran from Friday 30th October to Saturday 28th November 2015

The Challenge was to raise funds for our group to enable us to continue our work supporting thyroid cancer patients and supporting research into this rare form of cancer.

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  • Information and flyers to Slimming World Clubs
  • Information and flyers given to GP practices
  • Information and flyers shared at local Golf Clubs
  • Information sheets and flyers to Costco wholesalers
  • Awareness Raising Advertisement on Bro Radio
  • Presentation at South Wales Cancer Network Patient Conference at Margam - “Our Stories”
  • Flyers distributed at European Cancer Congress in Vienna
  • Captain Cymru completed the Tenby Ironman to raise funds for our group!
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On Friday the 17th of July we held our annual fund raising “Summer Party Night” at the Function Room, Seashore Café Bar and Grill, Swanbridge.

This was the 7th time that this event has been held and, as always, it was a fantastic evening’s entertainment!
75 guests enjoyed a superb buffet (catered by Jamie, Ian and the staff of the Seashore) and outstanding entertainment provided by Bob Sax.

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